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My mission in life is to help create a fairer world in which every person’s gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation are accepted and respected. The content in this site and blog is designed to contribute toward furthering that mission.

I deliver keynote presentations, seminars and workshops,  especially Transgender Awareness Training, for hundreds or organisations and if you are a Meeting Planner, L@D or Equalities Professional you will find the information you need to assess whether my services would meet the needs of your organisation

If you have attended one of my workshops or presentation you will know that I don't usually give out handouts that are filed and become out of date or get lost.  Here you will find an online resource for participants and audience members as a refresher on the presentation content and to extended background information on issues of sex, gender and equality.

The key to ending gender based discrimination and harassment is education and I hope you find this site to be an entertaining and enjoyable educational experience. Please don't hesitate to contact me or comment on anything you see here.

Rikki at TEDxWarwick on Gender Identity

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LGBT News Stories

Huffington Post LGBT News StoriesHuffington Post has a excellent archive of current LGBT new stories - Click on the image or on the link to access the LGBT Archive

What has amazed me is the number of LGBT stories in the news now with stories appearing more than one every day. Even Transgender stories are appearing two or three times a week.

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Saw this article on Facebook and it really got me thinking. What if we got rid of gender completely - what if you could wear and do whatever you want - what if we all had no gender? I'm not talking about sex - that is biological - and there are some people with gender dysphoria who are intensely unhappy with their physical bodies and therefore choose a path to "gender reassignment." But therein lies the problem - it's gender reassignment - in the UK a person can change their gender without changing their bodies - thereby reinforcing the gender stereotype.

Getting rid of gender means acknowledging every person as an individual and allowing everyone to present themselves in the way that makes them feel best. Most of the time it would mean not being able to even distinguish whether a person had a male or female body. A world where androgyny becomes the norm, a world with only one set of pronouns for humans and gender discrimination ceases to exist.

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"I am a woman who rejects gender stereotypes but has no problem with her biological sex. Isn't this what used to be called feminism?" asks Mor in a comment on Lisa Selin Davis's op-ed, "My Daughter Is Not Transgender. She’s a Tomboy." nyti.ms/2oMbbzQ

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